The Naked Artist



Suzie, better known as The Naked Artist, was born in 1978 in a city in England called Sheffield. She's a professional queer artist that identifies as a self expressionist mixed media artist, and has taken part in many exhibitions over the last 26 years, from group shows to solo art shows.

Her journey began in 1997 where she found herself making art through a deep depression state. Art became her escape over the years, but evolved through happy times too. The work she makes is primarily focused on words, carefully selected from different books over the course of months, or maybe years. She has quite a methodical practice when it comes to preparing her art, however, when making art and photographing the thoughts and emotions filter through like a crashing wave. This makes her artwork emotionally charged, expressive, processing states of moments that encapsulate her mind, from loss, changes in life, identity, kink, love that all make a mark into her art to create her signature. This is her dairy, a moment of time, her life in art.

Her work from past interviews has been called raw, emotive, brave, evoking, sad and painful but inspiring and beautiful!

The Naked Artist resides in London and is pleased to be taking part in the exhibition at Subspace Brussels. It is her first International art show and we hope it will not be the last!

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"This project, Connection Communication, started in 2017 about a girl I met from the USA. One art head lead to another and then 5 years had passed, marking my life and experiences through this thought pattern, and leaving me with a collection of heads, that have not yet been exhibited!

The heads are all individual expressive artworks."