Not just for beginners

Despite its popularity, bdsm is still a highly misunderstood and taboo subject. At Subspace we believe that great play starts with great education. Whether you are an absolute beginner or you are an experienced practitioner, we invite you to join our workshops to get the most out of your play


In our small group workshops we teach you the basics of each subject, give you some background information, demonstrate the principles and give you the possibility to practice in our studio. We are there to answer all your questions and help you practice the essentials so you can start to play (or continue at a higher level) at home, in clubs,..

All our workshops require you to make a reservation. You can do this online, by sending us an email or by visiting us.

Curious about what we have to offer? This is the agenda for the coming weeks:

Wed. 20/03/2024     19.30 - 22.00         FEMDOM

Thu.   21/03/2024     19.30 - 22.00         IMPACT PLAY

Fri.     22/03/2024     18.30 - 21.00         SHIBARI

Thu. 04/04/2024       19.30 - 22.00       IMPACT PLAY

Fri.  05/04/2024.        18.30 - 21.00       SHIBARI

Fri.  19/04/2024         18.30 - 21.00        SHIBARI

Tue. 30/04/2024       19.30 - 22.00       NEEDLE PLAY

Thu.  02/05/2024      19.30 - 22.00     IMPACT PLAY

Fri.    03/05/2024       18.30 - 21.00.    SHIBARI

Fri.   17/05/2024.        18.30 - 21.00     SHIBARI

Sun.. 19/05/2024      14.00 - 17.00      FEMDOM