Themis I

Themis I

Themis (Greek:Θέμις): Goddess of wisdom, good counsel, and justice

This traditional St. Andrew’s Cross was made with solid Douglas Fir, a strong and durable yet relatively lightweight wood. The natural cracks in the wood add to the character of this piece: it gives the cross a slightly worn, distressed look while it remains solid and strong. Just like we need our products to be!    The BDSM cross is fitted with black metal restraining points at different heights, allowing you to attach your sub with chains, shackles, or ropes. 

Themis I is a wall-mounted cross that comes with all the fixings you need to anchor it to the wall.

Dimensions: 2.20 m high and 1.85 m wide.

Do you prefer a different type of wood or a finish in a different colour? Get in touch and tell us your idea.