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Fall into Morpheus’s arms and completely surrender. You know you want to!

This showpiece features an aluminium base that is exceptionally sturdy yet ultra-light – making it easy to move as much as you need. With its matt black powder coating, here’s a frame that can take a beating. Perfect for chain and rope play!

Morpheus is crafted with a firm foam rubber mattress with an easy-to-clean premium faux leather cover that feels buttery smooth against bare skin. In addition, all its seams have been concealed to make it extra durable for your play sessions.

To be (ab)used with or without straps.

Available in various colours and finishes.

  • Dimensions: 52cm x 202cm x 82cm  (high / long / wide)
  • Colour: Green

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."


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Dans le cadre des NOCTURNES DU SABLON vous êtes invités à la nouvelle exposition de dessins et peintures de PASCALINE : "EROTISME".

L'occasion pour vous de découvrir les créations uniques de cette artiste (et peut-être aurez-vous un coup de coeur pour offrir ou vous offrir une de ses oeuvres en cette période de Fêtes).

"D'un geste je trace la courbe d'un sein, la force d'un poignet, l'élégance d'un mouvement. J'évoque les frissons du désir et la volupté d'un soupir." PASCALINE

SUBSPACE aims to provide a platform for artists who question prevailing moral philosophy and aren’t afraid to lift the blinders of common sense.

Pieces exhibited at Subspace typically focus on themes like sexuality, gender, emancipation, and power.

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